7 tips to protect and flaunt your hair in summers

We all know how the hot summer sun is harmful to the skin. We take due precautions for it. But have you thought about the effects that sun has on hair? The sun can cause equal damage to the hair as to the skin. Here are top 7 tips by Advanced Hair Studio to protect & flaunt your hair in summers –

1. Deep condition your hair on regular basis : Condition your hair on regular basis to keep your hair healthy this summer. Condition your hair at least once a week if you have a very tight schedule and cannot take much time for your hair care. The sun sucks out the moisture from the scalp and renders it dry which make it an ideal place for infections and skin-related disorders. Hair loss and hair damage are the worst case scenarios.


2. Trim your hair : The tip of your hair takes a lot of beating during the summers. This causes split ends and dry tips which is not healthy for your hair. Summer is the perfect time to give yourself a new haircut. But if you do not want to shorten your hair, opt for a small trim that facilitates hair restoration.


3. Hydration : Staying hydrated is extremely important in the summer time. It is necessary for hair regrowth and healthy hair. Try to drink 8-10 glasses of fluid a day and even more if you are active outside this time of the year. The hydration will add the much-needed moisture to your locks.


4. Oil Massage : Try hot oil massage once a week to retain your hair shine. You can wash and condition after 30 minutes, nourishing your hair with the important nutrients which are needed for healthy hair and adds shine. It retains the moisture in the scalp and add the nutrients ensuring a healthy shining texture. A good quality hair oil and massage will relax and keep your hair and mind in the best possible shape.


5. Avoid Cosmetics : Avoid usage of any chemical products during the hot season. The hair usually gets damaged and dries in the heat. Avoid colouring your hair as it is likely to make the hair dry and brittle.


6. Wash hair before and after swimming : Washing hair before and after swimming holds great importance. It will wash out the chlorine and salt added to a swimming pool to keep it clean. Washing before helps hair absorb less water and help maintain the texture. Applying a good quality shampoo will help you keep the problems at a distance.


7. Avoid heat : The sun is already putting a lot of heat in your hair so avoid the additional heat as much as you can. Go slow on the blow dryer. Avoid using styling iron and curlers and let them be as natural as they can be to avoid hair loss and damage.


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