Ways to get rid of dry scalp in winter

As hair is made of protein, one must keep a good hygiene and a healthy diet. Generally, scalp conditions vary from person to person and from climate to climate. During winter, dry scalp is a common nuisance. The main cause is mostly due to dry heated indoor air. Furthermore, blow-dryer heat and excessive shampooing is not good for the scalp either. These are followed by a myriad of styling products, which may have an effect on the scalp. As a matter of fact, diet lacking in important nutrients can also cause dryness of the scalp.


In addition, the frequent companion of the dry scalp is dandruff. At a point of time, the dry scalp is irritated to such an extent that more and more cells are produced and large numbers of dead cells will then amass on the scalp where they clump together and become visible as dandruff.

Are you among the ones who have dry hair that sits atop an itchy, dry scalp?

A great tip to get rid of dry hair and scalp is to condition the hair, and use homemade natural products. Using natural products are very beneficial and inexpensive ways to treat a dry scalp. Moreover they have no potential side effects associated with their use. Some common home remedies are listed below-

  • Tea tree oil– With its powerful antifungal and antibacterial properties is an incredible home remedy for dry scalp. The natural oils present excellent nourishment and moisturization, which combat itchiness, flakiness and dryness and thus prevents dryness of the scalp. One important point to remember while using tea tree oil as a remedy for dry scalp is that it should always be diluted before being applied to your scalp.



  • Lemon juice and honey– To your great astonishment, this amazing mixture doesn’t just help cure a sore throat, but also works remarkably in treating a dry scalp. Honey, with its antibacterial properties, and lemon with its cleansing properties make for a great duo. Keep in mind that lemon should not be used on broken, irritated skin as it may cause a stinging sensation or sometimes even make the problem worse.


  • Apple cider vinegar– This remedy appears to be the best home remedy as you’ll find it treating anything and everything right from skin conditions to hair problems. Applying apple cider vinegar to your scalp can help relive itching and dryness and should be diluted with water before use.


  • Coconut Oil to the Rescue– It is one of the commonly used home remedies to treat dry scalp. It restores the natural moisture of the scalp and puts a stop to dryness and flakiness. Just massage warm coconut oil gently onto the entire scalp, leave it on for an hour, and then rinse.
  • Olive Oil– Vitamin E and monounsaturated fatty acids present in this oil can help you to fight the dryness of the scalp. Heat extra virgin olive oil and gently massage into your scalp and leave it for half an hour. After this rinse your hair thoroughly.
  • Sesame oil– Just like tea tree oil, this oil also acts as a nourishment and moisturizer to the scalp, thus treating a dry scalp. For guaranteed results, massage the oil onto your scalp for 10 minutes before a shampoo.

Furthermore, during winter, it is important to scrub your hair of dirt and dead skin. This can be applied at least every week. A scrub made of sugar and olive oil can be used on the scalp. After using the scrub, make sure to wash it off completely as the residue is as harmful as the dead skin itself.

Otherwise, hair packs can also be applied on the scalp. Hair packs cure dead skin cells and add shine to the hair.

They include those made of:

  • tofu and lemon
  • egg white and yogurt and
  • avocado, lemon and honey

A dry scalp is a nuisance! Give your scalp what it needs so that you can quickly forget about the itching scalp.


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