Summer Hair Care Tips !

The sun is shining, temperature is rising, what are you doing to protect your hair from the summer heat?


Hair during the summer season turns so dull and lustre less. It seems that the hair lacks the required nourishment. In case you have to go out for job then you can do nothing as the damaging rays of the sun will make the hair feel so non-fizzy and in time it will turn so perfectly unattractive. So, you have the trusted solutions to help the hair retain its originality. So here are some tips to be nurtured.

  • Regular hair wash: It is recommended to wash your hair regularly to hold on that shine and greatness as your hair is affected by pollution and dust clubs with sweat and these tend to accumulate in the scalp which results in hair problems.
  • Shampoo: The powerful sun rays can easily tune the hair to brittle and dry; to avoid that condition using a mild shampoo will be one way.
  • Conditioner: People who prefer to do deep conditioning in the summer days can have the clear route to jump from the mistake of making the hair sticky that caused due to the excessive sweating. Do deep conditioning to protect your hair and to retain it smooth and shiny.


  • Stay hydrated: Drink a lot of water during summer season. Water is not only good for the body but is good for the hair too. Water can easily replace the lost water from the body and it benefits for the hair as well.
  • Naturally: Arrange your summer hours with the hair products that are completely natural. Using artificial color, chemical based treatments and heat treatments will wreak havoc on the hair and make them brittle and weak. Using natural products helps the hair to be moisturized and protects well.
  • Manage your hair splits: During summer split ends come up more because of the inevitable dryness. These split ends simply drop the good hair looks you have polished on the hair. So manage splits through cutting them regularly when they pop out. In addition, apply oil like coconut oil to the hair tips after cutting the split ends.


  • Oil massage: Massage your scalp with oil during summer is a very good tip to follow to dump the dirt and dust out of the scalp. Apply the oil before rinsing of your hair to get the smooth textured hair.
  • Hair sunscreen: Our scalp is not less than our skin; it too needs the protection from sun on the name of sunscreen. Applying sunscreen to hair is a way to reserve extra protection for the hair.
  • Cover it up: Did you know that one of the best ways to protect your hair when you go out is to wear a scarf? Yes! A scarf is an indispensable accessory during summer season. Dazzling headscarves are very trendy and are undoubtedly helpful to protect your hair from sun UV. To create a fresh, different look, wear a chic silk scarf like a bandanna style — they can work with any hair length. So ladies don’t let your hair suffer from sun harm!
  • Using Vinegar for Extra Hair Treatment: To make the hair stay extra fine during the summer season you can also apply vinegar to the hair. This will undoubtedly make the hair appear cleaner and shiner. This is a good way to treat the dandruff as well. For this reason you need to arrange for organic apple cider vinegar. Use one part of vinegar and three parts of moderate hot water to wash your hair and make it appear all the more normal.

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