Hair loss treatments for hair loss sufferers in Ludhiana, Punjab.

Being a doctor by profession, I pledged for the wellbeing of people coming to me for treatments with any suffering, both on Physical and Mental Grounds. It has a deep meaning associated with it when we talk about Human Health because it not only includes Physical health but Mental Health as well.

Joining Advanced Hair Studio gave me a platform to make people healthy, both mentally and emotionally while taking care of Physical Appearance especially HAIR.

When we talk about Physical appearance for human beings, two things immediately comes to mind: Skin and Hair.

Hair– Word although very short and from medical point of view is least important, as its growing and falling creates no physical pain, in truth results in great mental pain to people suffering from hair loss issues, both men and women of any age. Deteriorate on mental sphere and having low self-confidence is no simple matter.


Here at Advanced Hair Studio, I realized that people have many illnesses now-a-days but being BALD or getting Bald is not less than any other major chronic illness in mankind. Many people whom I counseled and suffer from hair loss issues were suffering from relationship problems in life. Some were not able to get married and for some marriages fell apart because the girl had alopecia. For some, peer pressure was too much, that they were not able to get involved with friends and relatives and gradually landed in depression.

YES, HAIR PLAYS VERY IMPORTANT ROLE IN OUR LIVES and greatly contributes towards mental and physical health.

Here are two of such stories being shared which might change people’s perspectives of hair loss issues and the importance of hair:

First story is of Mr. RB who is a young lad of 25. He was counseled by me in June 2015 and is a short heighted guy at a higher level of baldness. He was very nervous on the day of the consultation and looked very anxious. He was given the consultation as per our protocol and was recommended to undergo a combination of clinical and cosmetic hair replacement procedures in order to get a head full of hair back. After a long consideration, he decided to enroll for the treatment in January 2016.

On the day of the procedure he was quite nervous. He was assured that his looks will be transformed from now onwards and he should leave all his worries to the hands of the hair experts. The average looking guy after the final fitting and styling became overwhelmed with joy and said to me ‘Doctor, from now on I will be who I am, I will show my stylish side to the world and face people with much confidence. This has given me a new personality all together and now I can finally enjoy all things that I always avoided in life — being with friends and relatives, socializing and what not, just because I was bald. But now I will live my life to the fullest.’ There were sparks of happiness and excitement in his eyes. His excitement gave me eternal happiness as well as the satisfaction that I am on the right path of Company’s Motto: to Fulfill People’s Dream of having a Head full of Hair.


The next story is of a 32 year old lady, Ms. K, for whom being social with her baldness was never an option. In our society, men can go bald, but women can’t, so a head full of hair is not just a luxury but a necessity, and so we suggested a procedure from Advanced Hair Studio. She has been suffering from hair thinning for past 10-12 years and has been camouflaging it with the help of hair fiber. She had not been able to style her hair for 12 years. She once said ‘I wore best of clothes and makeup but was helpless when it came to hair styling.’ She had been avoiding parties and functions and gradually landed in depression. She was consulted by a senior consultant and was suggested hair restoration programs as per her stage of hair loss. She immediately agreed to take the program forward.

After the procedure she was excited about her new look and for the new life with her new hair. She came smiling with tears rolling down her cheeks and said, “SINCE MY 10TH STANDARD I NEVER OPENED MY HAIR BECAUSE OF THINNING BUT NOW I CAN.” Her words expressed her pain, pain that she has kept to herself for too many years. Her new hair added a new zeal to her life, but I think it is safe to say that her new hair gave her the life she has always wanted to live.

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