10 Overnight Hacks That’ll Leave You With Amazing Hair in the Morning

Mornings are rough. Sometimes no matter how early you wake up, there is not enough time to even comb your hair, forget being crafty and doing up a fancy hairstyle. But wouldn’t it be awesome if you could do all the prep work at night and wake up with gorgeous looking locks. These DIY overnight hair styling hacks are a boon.


For bouncy locks: Tie your hair in top knot and secure it with a few bobby pins to get bouncy locks. “Sleeping with your hair up in a bun will add volume to your mane,” says Hyderabad-based hair stylist.

For curls: If you want to sport well-formed curls, all you need to do is wash and condition your hair the night before. He explains, “After towel drying your locks divide them into numerous sections and braid up the sections. Secure with a band and go off to sleep. To hold the curls you can use some hair mousse. Open up the braids in the morning for beautiful, bouncy curls that last till you wash your hair.

For straight hair: If you have the wavy hair curse, waking up with straight hair is a dream. So here’s a trick. Wrap all your hair in one direction on one side to make a flat surface. Use some bobby pins to keep it all in place. Now use a silk scarf around the head to keep the hair in place all night long. Silk is a gentle fabric and doesn’t strip your hair off their natural moisture.

For beachy waves: Divide your hair into three or four sections and pleat each section into a braid. Make sure you pleat it till the end to avoid frizz. (More braids will give you more curls) Now twist the braid into buns on your head and secure it with some hair clips. You will wake up to wonderful looking waves.

For a voluminous mane: A hairstyling expert from Advanced Hair studio, Mumbai suggests pulling your slightly wavy hair is a long braid when your hair is semi-dried. Sleeping with the braid will give create volume and thickness within the hair. A pony tail or half pony will also do the same.

For soft curls: To get natural looking soft curls use a head band. Wear a headband after you’ve washed and semi-dried your hair. Then take the ends of your hair and roll them up tucking them in the band. Sleep like this and you’ll wake up to soft, perfect curls. To retain them for longer use hair styling spray.

For roller curls: Rollers are a handy tool for DIY hairstyles. There are different sizes available. “Rolling strands of your semi-dry hair up in rollers and sleeping overnight will give you perfect curls. For them to last longer apply some hair mousse,” suggests a hair styling expert.

For bangs: Long hair takes time to wash and dry. This becomes troublesome when you have rushed mornings. So rather than washing all of your hair you can simply rinse your bangs in the night and semi-dry them. Before sleeping, pin up your bangs with bobby pins. Sleeping with your bangs pinned will give you the exact look you are aiming for the next morning without worrying about oily or frizzy bangs.

For frizzy hair: To avoid frizzy hair it is wearing a soft woollen cap that covers your scalp and sleep after you’ve showered at night. Wearing a cap will keep your hair from frizzing out.

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