Hair loss solutions and the Experience of a Hair Loss sufferer in Mumbai

An Experience shared by a client of Advanced Hair Studio Mumbai with a hair loss consultant

At the age of 25 years old, I suddenly realize that my hair has lost its volume and shine. Gone are the sparkly black strands replaced by platinum ones and what’s worse is that the hair fall has decreased my hair volume to half of what it used to be! I don’t know how I reached here, frankly. I took care of my hair; washed twice a week, used less artificial products, oiled and massaged regularly, so where did I go wrong? I came to learn that this is the same question asked by millions of people in the same age group as myself.


My understanding is that this did not happen overnight but gradually, and I was so busy in my studies, work commitments and lifestyle changes that I completely missed the early signs till it got a little too late. No, I am not different, I am aware, thousands of men and women go through this identical phase, however it is little surprising that it happens at this point in my life, at a young age.

I now started noticing women who were equally conscious. They looked around and peeked, adjusted their hair, never too pleased with how it looked. Their eyes spoke of lack of confidence, incompleteness because they were being robbed of what seems like overnight and losing their crowning glory… the hair that attracted the opposite sex and made an impression while giving presentations, were needed at its best while having a mid-week drinks session at a local bar, had lost its magic; now they were a frizzy limp mass with a mind of its own.

I now understand all this as the experience with Advanced Hair Studio helped me in regaining my hair.

So, what exactly does the word ‘hair’ stands for? Hair is the symbol of self-esteem, attractiveness, beauty, love, respect and woman. Yes! You are an incomplete woman if you have less or no hair. I have seen this reaction when ladies lose their cool over their hair, and no, it does not mean only the millennial, but also the women in their menopausal phase. With their body losing the attractiveness as age comes, the disadvantage of thinning hair and scalp visibility does not help boost women’s confidence at any age. How do they present themselves at social events like kitty parties, club events, fancy dinners and compete with other women? And more importantly, how can they feel good about themselves? Their lack of confidence causes their partners to approach hair restoration companies in a desperate situation, looking for respite from this emotionally draining experience.

My understanding after researching and reading multiple blogs and DIY articles on hair transplants: Hair restoration and hair retention, hair loss and hair thinning concerns, are not the job of a doctor. A doctor will give us pills and shampoos expecting to give us better hair. What I have learnt post all the reading about hair loss solutions and trying a few of them on myself as well, is that i had to learn it the hard way that if you continue relying on them, they may show some signs but after a period of time, when you stop, you are back to thin volumeless hair. Hence you need a hair expert – a professional with a team that has enormous experience of specifically dealing with hair loss cases and then utilizes the experience and knowledge, with the help of various experts who eat, breathe and live ‘hair’ to help you resolve your hair loss issues once and for all; these are the people who understand and help you to not only save current priceless hair but also ensures that you have your head full of hair back. Organizations like these are professionals in what they do when answering any hair loss treatment concerns and providing solutions for hair loss to individuals like me. However, the effectiveness depends on the early identification, so that seamless resolution to the concerns of hair loss can be commenced immediately.

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