Hair Treatment Misconceptions – Know It All!!

As with many health and wellness problems, there are many misconceptions attached to hair loss and its treatments as well. There is abundant information available on the internet which makes it pretty impossible to differentiate between fiction and fact. However, here are a few hair treatment misconceptions jotted down by Advanced Hair Studio


1. Myth – Your hair transplant will be obvious

Professionals who perform your hair transplant process will do everything to make sure your hair restoration appears natural. It imitates your natural hair pattern and style. It will take time to grow so you won’t see instant results but after a few months, it will be really hard to tell the difference between the natural hair and transplanted ones. The very important point here is to not overlooks the expertise of the team, their track record and also the technology they are using. These factors will be the making or breaking of your hair transplant result.

2. Myth – You will go bald

It is true that in the initial weeks after a hair transplant is done that most of the transplanted hair follicles may take time to regain their normal cycle, but that is not something to worry about. After your hair restoration treatment, your hair will resume its normal growth cycles and become a permanent part of your appearance.

Tattooed man, bare-chested, looking in bathroom mirror

3. Myth – Hair transplants are only for men

Both men and women suffer hair loss for a number of reasons. Advanced Hair Studio has hair loss solutions for both men as well as women. These procedures are presumed to be more popular amongst the male gender but are not true that hair transplants are only for men.

4. Myth – Hair fall treatments and solutions are too expensive

Some hair restoration treatments are quite inexpensive such as the hair extensions, hair concealers and many more. Other treatments such as the laser hair therapy and others may need a planned effort but now there are a lot of options provided to make these hair loss solutions viable options for the masses.

5. Myth – Hair treatments lead to excessive breakage

The answer to whether or not you break your hair after hair treatments is a simple ‘No’. The use of certain chemicals with other ingredients may have negative effects on hair but not to an extent that leads to excessive hair loss. Avoid using shampoos that contain heavy chemicals and it might help you evade undertaking a hair loss treatment.


In most of the cases that we come across, more often than not, many individuals take a lot of time and keep putting off taking immediate action to understand the underlining reasons of hair damage and seek a suitable solution to their hair loss problem.

The best bet you have in stopping hair loss or even better, preventing it, is to understand the reasons and seek information on the solutions. Advanced Hair Studio has spent the last decade in India helping individuals get answers to such queries. For further information on hair loss solutions, call the expert on 1800 103 11 91.

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